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From Roslindale, MA
SinceMay, 2022

We cater to all musical styles and preferences! As each person’s journey in music is unique and deeply personal, we strive to accommodate different learning styles - whether you're a visual learner or prefer a structured approach. Our teaching approach combines classical fundamentals with a contemporary twist, fueled by modern technology. Whether you're looking to pursue music as a career or simply enjoy playing your favorite songs at home, our priority is to create an engaging and safe learning environment that caters to your individual needs.

Our specialties include Contemporary Piano, Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Film Score, Classical, Production, Sound Design, and Sound Engineering. We also offer our services for private events and parties, as well as live band performances for weddings and corporate functions. Additionally, we offer audio gear rentals.
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Brandon N.
He is fantastic with my two kids, making the experience enjoyable while also encouraging their development and learning.
December 11, 2022
Brandon H.
Jenn has been teaching my children and me for the last three years, and I cannot speak highly enough of him. He is a remarkable musician, with vast knowledge and skill, but what sets him apart is his ability to tailor lessons and transfer knowledge to each of us in a way that suits us best. Keeping my children engaged in piano lessons is not an easy feat, as they are both involved in sports and other activities. However, Jenn is exceptional when it comes to making their lessons enjoyable and aligning them with their interests. My daughter even composes her songs, and Jenn uses the opportunity to teach her music theory, helping her chart her music out and understand the elements of music. Likewise, my son found traditional piano books dull, but Jenn involves him by allowing him to pick his music, which improves his skills. Today, both my children have grown so much as musicians, and they love playing the piano. As for me, I took piano lessons as a child, but I quit because I found it boring, and my childhood teacher wasn't encouraging. Five years ago, I decided to pick it up again and got a keyboard, but I struggled and became frustrated. That's when I started taking lessons with Jenn. We work on a range of music, and I'm enjoying every bit of it. I even play keyboard in a church band a few times a month.
November 2, 2022
Megan M.
I've been attending music production classes with Jenn for approximately three months, and I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with him! He possesses extensive knowledge of both music production and music theory. Despite having attended classes for three months, I am still awed every time I present him with a song I am working on, and he can play it on the piano without me providing any notes or chords. He has educated me on numerous mixing and mastering tips, as well as delving into the workings of specific audio effects/plugins. Not only have I observed a substantial improvement in my music production skills, but my friends have also. I strongly recommend receiving lessons from him, particularly if you are a novice in music production!
September 13, 2022
Rachel C.
Working with Jenn was an absolute delight! Despite having worked with several music teachers over the past year, I can confidently say that Jenn was the standout – he was definitely THE BEST teacher I've had! I am so grateful that I stumbled upon him, as I have made significant strides in my musical journey because of his exceptional guidance. Throughout every lesson, Jenn demonstrated immense patience and support towards me, which allowed me to develop an improved sense of time feel, greater comprehension of contemporary harmony, and enhanced keyboard/synth skills. My growth as a musician is undoubtedly credited to Jenn, and I highly recommend him as a music educator. Trust me, choosing Jenn would be the best decision you could make!
September 7, 2022
Jacob W.
Jenn possesses an exceptional array of skills and knowledge, coupled with intelligence and a highly-effective diagnostic approach towards identifying a student's needs. In terms of music, from elementary concepts to the more intricate facets including performance, composition, and production, Jenn is adept in all aspects of it. Furthermore, his philosophy-based teaching approach and admirable patience has accelerated my growth tremendously during my study period under him. I would highly recommend Jenn to students, irrespective of their skill level!
August 11, 2022