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4.5 (19)
From Livermore, CA
SinceAugust, 2021

I am a Real Estate Sales and Investment Specialist, with expertise in Property Management and Tenant Placement. With 17 years of experience in the industry, I use data-driven analysis to help preserve and enhance my clients' real estate assets, providing personalized customer care.

My services include tenant placement, management, and real estate sales and investment portfolio growth. I am passionate about Aging-in-Place and Accessible Living, and will be introducing services for these areas in late 2023.

I believe in transparent and respectful communication, which is why my tenant placement and property management services are built on the foundation of open dialogue between landlords and tenants. I strive to create fruitful and long-term rental experiences for both parties, and my approach accounts for even the most difficult situations.

With extensive experience in advanced analytics and research analysis, and knowledge in interior architecture and design, I offer an eclectic combination of assets that facilitate success for my clients. My services are priced at 67% of one month's rent with a guarantee for tenant placement, and ongoing management starts at $125/unit/month with pricing scaling down for multiple units.
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Service as described 4.5
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Punctuality 4.5
Amber W.
Working with Holly was fantastic. We opted to handle our property management ourselves for personal reasons but Holly still offered a wealth of valuable professional guidance and insight.
April 9, 2023
Joshua P.
Working with Holly has been delightful due to her prompt response time and remarkable attention to detail and follow-up. She took the initiative to contact me promptly through phone and email and provided me with all the necessary information to relay to my client. Her exceptional dedication far surpasses that of other property management companies.
December 14, 2021
Elizabeth F.
Holly's responsiveness and attention to detail make her the best property manager I've encountered to date. I highly recommend collaborating with her.
November 9, 2021
William T.
I have been acquainted with Holly Bruce for nearly three years, and I can vouch that she consistently performs with excellence. While I was away on holiday, I received a phone call from the police department regarding an issue at my estate. The neighbours had contacted the authorities because a beeping sound similar to a fire alarm was heard. The police and fire departments required access to the property to investigate. At the time, the estate was unoccupied, and our property manager assigned Holly Bruce to assist us. I contacted Holly and provided her with all the necessary information. It was already late, around 6:00 PM, and she assured me that I need not worry and that she would handle everything. In brief, Holly promptly arrived at our property to grant entry to the police and fire departments for inspection. As it turned out, the sound emanated from the ceiling. The fire department confirmed that there was no immediate hazard, and attention could be deferred until the following day. Holly arranged to conduct a follow-up investigation in the morning and reassured our neighbours that all was well and that she would resolve any issues. Holly Bruce delivered on all fronts and saved my vacation! I enthusiastically endorse Holly and her firm to anyone who requires their services.
October 2, 2021
Justin T.
Fortunately, Holly assisted me in discovering the ideal tenant for my rental property. As a newcomer to landlording, she provided realistic expectations, despite my occasional disagreement. However, her unwavering stance was correct. By following her recommendations and direction, I found a superb tenant who remains with the property and is incredibly simple to oversee. Holly, thank you for bearing with my inquiries, apprehensions, and observations. You acted in a very professional manner, while accomplishing the task promptly, effortlessly, and with an outstanding outcome.
September 27, 2021