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From Bradenton, FL
SinceFebruary, 2022

With more than two decades of expertise in gathering data, writing, editing, formatting, proofreading, and translating a diverse range of materials, such as articles, books, business plans, booklets, and theses, for both individuals and corporations, I assure you that I can get the job done. I prioritize active communication to ensure your utmost satisfaction.
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Service as described 4.6
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Punctuality 4.8
Christopher W.
As a new Non-Profit organization that aims to provide shelter and resources to the homeless community, I have received valuable support from Laura in the writing process. Laura's dedication and hard work have been exceptional and greatly appreciated. Working with her has been a pleasure, and I am delighted with the outcomes.
October 10, 2022
David H.
Laura is an outstanding professional who excels in her work. She provided me with exceptional oral translation services, beyond what I expected! I highly recommend her for all your translation necessities. Personally, I will continue to seek her services!
September 28, 2022
Christopher A.
Even though the process isn't finished yet, Laura has been exceptional in addressing my inquiries regarding the grant process. I strongly suggest her services to anyone in search of a remarkable professional. I am eager to witness the outcome when we finish the grant process. Many thanks to Laura for her hard work!
September 15, 2022
Nicole S.
Laura exemplifies great passion for her job and is an exceptional listener. Her level of professionalism and responsiveness to your needs is unmatched. I am extremely satisfied with the high-quality service she provides. Congratulations on a job well done.
September 6, 2022
Jonathan C.
Working alongside Laura has been an exceptional, highly professional experience. She demonstrated remarkable proficiency in translating vital documentation, both from English to Spanish, and vice versa. Furthermore, Laura's ability to deliver translations within the timeframe agreed upon was especially impressive, often providing them ahead of schedule. This timeliness was especially helpful when managing extensive workloads. It is apparent that Laura is a reliable, responsive individual who is committed to delivering exceptional service. In light of this, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Laura, without any reservations.
August 30, 2022