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4.4 (18)
From Washington, DC
SinceAugust, 2021

Blossom Marketing is a digital advertising agency owned by a woman, serving clients in Washington D.C. and its environs. Its range of digital marketing services includes social media advertising, email marketing, and SEO to aid clients in targeting their audience and improving customer engagement. Blossom Marketing extends its services to clients from diverse industries including e-commerce, architecture, real estate, and home services. Emily Lenning, the owner, possesses a degree in public relations and is equipped with experience in managing social media for numerous brands which includes Kellog's.
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Service as described 4.9
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Punctuality 3.7
Amber W.
With their consistent branding, cadence, and fresh content, Blossom Marketing elevated our Social Media messaging to new heights. We receive monthly content reviews and updated stats, which allows us to stay on top of our Social Media game. What's more, the flexibility we have to change content and posts at a moment's notice is immensely helpful. We want to extend our gratitude to Emily at Blossom for her unwavering support and availability whenever we need her!
September 20, 2022
Ashley D.
Blossom marketing's Emily possesses a highly personable attitude, which is exactly in line with our company's expectations. With her expertise, she is capable of taking your business to the next level. Hence, I strongly recommend her services.
September 11, 2022
Courtney L.
My hopes for social media success were initially placed in a company I thought I knew well, nine months ago. However, two months later, we parted ways. Several other firms were then engaged, but proved to be just as unsuccessful. Following interviews with over eight different companies, I decided to work with Blossom. Within two weeks, I was impressed by the results they had already achieved. They generated more sales in two weeks than all of the other firms combined over the previous nine months. Furthermore, their hard work and dedication has been evident in the increased activity they have generated for my company. Blossom has demonstrated an amazing capacity to learn and understand the intricacies of my business, from having no knowledge about my industry, to developing sophisticated advertisements that highlight the benefits of my product in a crowded market. During our first conference call only four days before Thanksgiving, we discussed their progress as we started week three of their services. If I had discovered Blossom nine months ago, it is impossible to say where my business would be today. Nonetheless, I now have the privilege of working with a team of consummate professionals who are organized, attentive and exceptional in their follow through. They are unrivalled in delivering cataclysmic changes to social media marketing, so if you require such services, rest assured that there is no other choice. Contact them and witness the excellence of their actions and results for yourself. I highly recommend them and invite you to contact me with any further questions. Fred.
December 6, 2021
Daniel D.
Blossom LLC provided me with a much-needed introduction and overview, complete with specific tips, to the realm of social media. It was incredibly helpful!
November 25, 2021
Courtney G.
Earlier this year (2021), Blossom Marketing was hired by our company to handle all of our social media requirements. They not only helped us achieve our intended goals for media and podcast downloads, but they went above and beyond them as well. We had previously tried out two other companies for our media needs, and although they did well, Blossom outperformed them. Their team, work, and promptness are truly impressive!
September 13, 2021