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SinceDecember, 2021

As an individual, I take responsibility seriously and approach my work with a great level of passion. I consider myself a professional who values attention to detail.
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Nicholas J.
I rate him 5 stars for multiple reasons. Firstly, he was the most affordable out of all the companies that offered air vent cleaning services. Secondly, he utilized robust tools that worked well. Thirdly, he followed through on his promise to clean thoroughly. Fourthly, he shared some valuable advice with me regarding bundled home cleaning packages that could save me money. For example, I could have paired dryer vent cleaning with this service. Finally, I appreciated his clear and effective communication style and his focus on doing the job right. I highly recommend him for bundled home vent cleaning services, as this will earn you a better rate.
January 31, 2023
Matthew J.
Their job was good; they were quick yet thorough. However, I was not entirely satisfied with his knowledge as he incorrectly informed me that my lower vents were not connected, despite them being connected. Nevertheless, overall it was a positive experience.
January 3, 2023
John R.
Assisted in identifying the underlying problem with the duct, and provided solutions for resolution. While inspecting the attic, discovered a disconnected pipe for the bathroom exhaust and offered to repair it. Performed a thorough duct cleaning. Highly recommended.
December 16, 2022
Nicole M.
Demonstrated efficiency and proficiency in every task. Presented a tidy and organized outcome. Equipped with all the requisite materials. Highly recommend their service. Additionally, their prices are very competitive.
December 10, 2022
Heather W.
The Tajtaj Pro team visited my home and thoroughly cleaned the vents and ducts throughout the entire house. The level of meticulousness dedicated to the task was remarkable. I appreciate how they disassembled and pressure washed every component before reassembling them. After they completed their work, I immediately noticed a significant improvement in the air quality in my home. The previous homeowners had accumulated twenty years worth of dust, but thankfully, Tajtaj Pro team was able to handle the job with great care. Thank you for your exceptional service.
February 20, 2022