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From Alameda, CA
SinceNovember, 2021

Thank you for visiting my profile! I offer Pilates reformer classes and facial services in San Francisco and Alameda, respectively. As a certified nutrition and health coach, I specialize in hormone health and provide support to relieve clients from their symptoms through lifestyle changes. Although I do not travel for services, I offer online coaching via Zoom or phone calls. With over 20 years of experience in the fitness and beauty industry, I am passionate about helping clients achieve strong bodies, minds, and skin. My online studio provides customized and curated mat and reformer classes. I am patient, friendly and accommodating to clients at any level of their Pilates journey. Indoor facials are now available at my Alameda location, where I address all skin concerns with microdermabrasion, microcurrent, alpha hydroxy peels, and natural ingredients. I am highly skilled in skin care and eager to hear from you. Please note, Pilates is only available through online memberships or private reformer classes at my San Francisco location.
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Danielle M.
Chris is truly incredible. Her attention to detail, expertise, and kindness surpass expectations. She goes above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction and takes the time to thoroughly explain each step and the significance of any recommended products or procedures. I have never felt pressured to make a purchase, which is a refreshing change from other establishments. I highly recommend her and am confident you will be thrilled with the outcome.
March 17, 2023
Kyle A.
Chris exhibited traits of unreliability, disorganization and inconsistency. Despite several attempts, securing an appointment with her took weeks as I had to repeatedly contact her due to her supposed busyness. Chris’ lack of response meant our communication became one-sided. Even after finally booking an appointment, she failed to send me a Zoom link; when questioned about it, she suggested she should have checked, but in reality, she just needed to look for our earlier texts. Currently, she remains unresponsive to my messages and her website is malfunctioning, making it impossible to schedule another appointment. It is advisable to avoid this unreliable person.
January 28, 2023
Matthew J.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Chris. She is incredibly knowledgeable, amiable, and compassionate. Furthermore, her space is fantastic!
January 26, 2023
Anthony G.
Chris is amazing! The value of her knowledge and experience in skin care is immense to me. As a picky client with sensitive skin, I am prone to breakouts if I don't take care of it. However, she never fails to impress me! She is always prepared with answers to any skin care inquiries, and she genuinely cares about your facial needs and overall wellbeing.
May 21, 2022
Ryan T.
Chris is amazing! Not only that, she is also very giving. She created a sample kit of products tailored to my skin issues and sent it to me without any charge. The performance of the products surpassed my expectations. Many thanks to CrackerJack for introducing us.
January 15, 2022