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5.0 (5)
From Elizabeth, NJ
SinceSeptember, 2021

As a visual storyteller, I specialize in photography, videography, and editing. I have a deep appreciation for tales of love, victory, and jubilation, as they captivate and inspire us all. It would be my pleasure to join you on your path and preserve those fleeting instances for you. I offer affordable pricing and can tailor packages to meet your specific financial requirements. Let's begin today!
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Service as described 5.0
Communication 5.0
Punctuality 5.0
Jonathan A.
Martin was an incredible find and working alongside him was a truly enjoyable experience. As a videographer, he is a cut above the rest, his carefully selected equipment being perfectly suited to our specific needs. However, Martin's skills extend beyond his impressive technical ability. Notably, his communication skills are unparalleled, making interaction with him a pleasant and straightforward experience. Martin was also instrumental in providing valuable pre-shooting advice, as well as generating innovative ideas during the video production process. Further, Martin was fully invested in the project, functioning as an integral part of our team and working with us to achieve our shared objectives. Moreover, he was impressively efficient, delivering the final video soon after the event. Additionally, his punctuality was important to us, given our need to stick to a particular timetable. Furthermore, Martin handled all administrative processes, from contract signing to financial documentation, with ease. Overall, it was an absolute pleasure working with Martin, and we would highly recommend him for future projects.
April 2, 2023
Melissa M.
Martin's videography skills surpass all others that we have enlisted. His punctuality was impeccable, arriving even before the scheduled time, and he executed his job with exceptional professionalism.
March 17, 2023
Elizabeth M.
My time with Martin was absolutely wonderful. I am not a model by trade or anything similar, and even struggle with self-confidence. However, Martin easily put me at ease and generously offered suggestions on posing, encouraging me to enjoy myself. I had a blast during our photo shoot and the resulting photos are simply stunning! 🥰♥️
November 7, 2022
Jessica B.
Working with Martin was an absolute pleasure. He exuded professionalism throughout the session and I felt respected and valued as a client. His attention to detail was remarkable and he went above and beyond to ensure the recording was perfect. It was evident that he possessed a wealth of experience as he thought of aspects that had never even crossed my mind, providing me with invaluable insights into the recording process. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my recording and Martin's pacing was just right. He was always available when needed and promptly responded to my messages. He efficiently handled everything we discussed and I felt at ease throughout the process, despite it being our first collaboration. I received my video in an impressively short amount of time and am incredibly impressed with Martin's work. I will certainly be working with him again.
May 13, 2022
Melissa B.
Working with Martin was a delightful experience for me. Despite my aversion to being photographed, he made the process quick and professional with absolutely no anxiety on my behalf. I highly recommend him for his pleasant demeanor and superb work ethic.
March 23, 2022