Nessa Cossentine Equestrian

5.0 (6)
From Redwood City, CA
SinceSeptember, 2021

We provide private lessons for 45 minutes, using well-trained Warmbloods. The majority of our horses have either schooled or shown through the 3rd level Dressage and 1.10m Show Jumping. We also offer 1/2 leases and advanced students get a chance to participate in shows.

For new riders, we teach horsemanship alongside gear preparation and grooming activities for a ride.

As a teacher, I take pleasure in improving my student's riding position and assisting them in realizing their goals. My approach is gentle and works hard to bring out the best in my students and horses.
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Service as described 5.0
Communication 5.0
Punctuality 5.0
If you want to learn how to ride, this is the perfect place for you. Nessa is an amazing tutor who tailors her teaching techniques based on the individual's needs. She is understanding and adaptable, and will not judge you for making mistakes. During my first lesson, I learned more than I had in my previous 40 attempts at horse riding. The horses are well-maintained, and the facilities are top-notch. I highly recommend this place!
July 1, 2022
Nessa Coss offers lessons for boys aged 8 and 10 years old. Despite having no prior experience with horses, my children quickly became comfortable around them and learned a great deal in just five lessons- from grooming to trotting. Nessa is a knowledgeable and friendly instructor who is patient, reassuring and encouraging. I appreciate that her program focuses not only on riding skills but on understanding, respecting, and being responsible for the animals. We will continue to work with Nessa and highly recommend her to others. Additionally, Cypress Ridge is a well-organized and tranquil place with covered and open arenas and varied trails for riders of different skill levels.
June 4, 2022
With her extensive knowledge about horse riding, Nessa is an outstanding coach who is remarkably patient. As a working professional, scheduling flexible sessions with her has been a dream come true, allowing me to enjoy this enriching activity even while traveling abroad. Having a great coach like Nessa has made all the difference, and I feel proud to have learned proper horse riding from her.
February 25, 2022
With a remarkable ability to connect with young riders, Nessa is highly responsive. She excels in providing continuous verbal feedback and instilling confidence. Moreover, her horses are also great for young kids.
February 12, 2022
Nessa and I just had our first lesson together, during which I shared my aspirations of becoming a show jumper, despite my amateur skill level. To my delight, Nessa was incredibly supportive and offered both direction and correction throughout the lesson. Physically and mentally challenging, the experience was exactly what I needed to grow as an equestrian. I felt a genuine connection to both Nessa and Spiffy, the horse. The lesson was well-structured and I am thrilled to have found such a great place to ride. Nessa's teaching abilities clearly stand out, and I cannot wait to continue training with her.
December 5, 2021