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SinceNovember, 2021

Welcome to West Coast Swim Lessons, where you have found some of the most qualified and experienced swim instructors in California! We believe that swimming and water confidence should be a fun, entertaining, and rewarding experience, regardless of your age or swimming capability. Our team comprises two friendly, outgoing brothers with over 15 years of combined lessons and high-level coaching experience. Additionally, we are fully vaccinated and possess CPR, first aid, and lifeguard certifications.

At West Coast Swim Lessons, our emphasis is on providing high-quality instruction to our clients while ensuring they enjoy themselves and progress in their swimming skills. Our team includes professional, internationally competitive swimmers with experience teaching proper fundamentals and skills. We take time to understand individual goals and tailor our curriculum to develop each person's best swimmer potential.

Our philosophy is that overcoming the fear of the water is not just about learning butterfly or crawl strokes, but also about feeling safe, secure, and confident in the water. We believe that swimming can be as easy as walking for people of any age!

We offer discounts and package deals for our clients and welcome you to contact us for a free consultation.
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Stephanie R.
Noah's training was greatly appreciated by my son, who enjoyed it thoroughly. Noah's style of teaching is both enjoyable and professional, and his demeanor towards my son is notably patient. As a result, my son's swimming abilities have significantly improved. I wholeheartedly recommend West Coast swim lessons to any parent seeking top-notch swimming instruction for their child.
October 6, 2022
The swim lessons were superb as the instructors were perfect in every aspect. They offered valuable guidance and highlighted the specific areas that required improvement.
October 6, 2022
Yusuf is an exceptional instructor and individual! Despite not having learned how to swim during my childhood, I, as an adult, was able to acquire knowledge of correct swimming techniques and gain an understanding of the sensations and movements that occur in water. Under Yusuf's tutelage, I advanced at a much quicker pace than I had with previous instructors. Furthermore, he made the learning experience enjoyable, and I eagerly anticipate our ongoing lessons. I highly recommend Yusuf!
July 20, 2022
Michael R.
To enhance my brother's water confidence and swimming technique, I enrolled him in West Coast Swim Lessons. I was thoroughly pleased with the high caliber of service provided! The instructors were exceedingly supportive, accommodating, and ensured that my brother had a pleasurable learning experience. Their expertise in teaching and comprehension was remarkable; thus, I recommend their services without hesitation, regardless of skill level.
July 19, 2022
Courtney J.
These individuals are amazing! Despite being an avid participant in various marathons and spartan races, I was hesitant to try a triathlon due to my lack of confidence in swimming. Fortunately, fate intervened when I met Yusuf while surfing near Santa Monica. He possesses an impressive intellect and extensive knowledge about the discipline, which helped me gain comfort when swimming long distances within just a few months of beginning our work. His acute focus on the technical aspects of the sport proved immensely helpful to someone like me, with limited experience in the water. Additionally, considering Yusuf's wealth of knowledge, his pricing is remarkably affordable. Noah also taught my young nephew how to swim, and he always looked forward to attending his lessons. These swim coaches are fantastic, and I would highly recommend them!
July 12, 2022