Freedom of Speech Coaching with Jennie Bissell

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SinceApril, 2022

Anxiety while speaking is a common experience, which can have negative consequences such as losing a job or relationship. However, with the right training, anyone can develop a captivating stage presence. I offer a unique, holistic method that enables executives, academics, and other professionals to uncover their natural ability to deeply impact an audience.

As a theatre professional, I possess an MFA in Classical Acting from George Washington University/The Shakespeare Theatre and a BFA in Acting from NYU-Tisch. Having witnessed the transformative effects of performance training on my fellow actors, I became inspired to share this valuable work with professionals in other fields. The establishment of Freedom of Speech Coaching has cemented my belief that captivating communication skills can be acquired by all individuals. Learning how to speak effectively not only leads to successful presentations and interviews, but also enhances inner confidence and creativity.

I assist clients in developing skills such as storytelling, physicality, vocal clarity, diction, and authenticity. These skills can be applied to all aspects of life, including high-stakes presentations, job interviews, and dating. Depending on their needs, clients can choose to work with me for short-term or long-term periods. There's always something new to learn!
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Remarkable! When I first embarked on my journey with Jeannie, the mere thought of public speaking and recording videos unnerved me. However, thanks to her exceptional guidance and expertise, I was able to develop unparalleled confidence in these areas. Jeannie's engaging and uplifting teaching style put me at ease during our sessions. I eagerly anticipated our time together and soaked up all the valuable insights she imparted. Working with Jeannie has taught me an abundance of invaluable lessons that will benefit me both personally and professionally. I have experienced a significant boost in self-assurance, and I can now deliver speeches with clarity and purpose.
February 23, 2023
I strongly recommend Jennie as a remarkable public speaking coach due to her affable and subtle approach that assures comfort during the sessions.
September 22, 2022
When I made a career switch and needed to return to the office, I sought out Freedom of Speech Coaching to boost my self-assurance. I've never been comfortable initiating conversations and dreaded being the center of attention. Thanks to Jennie's guidance, I've been able to overcome many of my insecurities and feel much more confident both at work and in my personal life. Jennie, I'm so grateful for all your help! 🥰
September 19, 2022
Jennie's guidance had a profound impact on my public speaking skills and confidence! She expertly pinpointed areas that needed improvement, such as breathing patterns and speech pacing. With her help, I made considerable progress and became a more effective speaker in previously challenging aspects. I intend to keep practicing the techniques to further enhance my self-assurance and ease in public speaking. Without reservation, I wholeheartedly endorse Jennie as a phenomenal coach for anyone with public speaking aspirations.
September 14, 2022
Jennie is an exceptional individual who exudes kindness and warmth. Her support and generosity are unmatched, and as a novice to acting just a year ago, I am exceedingly grateful for her ability to assess my needs and evolve alongside me. Jennie consistently meets me where I am and gently motivates me to achieve more. Working with her has had a profound positive impact on my career and self-worth. Her vast knowledge and talent are evident, and she has expertly guided me every step of the way, from honing my technique and preparing for auditions, to navigating the logistics of the process and providing moral support. I wholeheartedly endorse Jennie, and encourage anyone in search of help to reach out to her without hesitation.
July 12, 2022