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4.5 (123)
From Denver, CO
SinceSeptember, 2021

Unlike many online companies that offer a one-size-fits-all registration service, my law firm specializes in brand management. I place great importance in providing tailored attention to each client's needs, ensuring customized engagements to help establish successful trademark and copyright filings.

Through my litigation, infringement, and dispute resolution work, I understand the importance of instilling confidence in clients when it comes to their business and intellectual property.

To me, the relationship between an attorney and client is paramount, and I strive to make sure all my clients feel comfortable with the information provided and the attorney providing it. As evident in my law firm's slogan, "Your Brand is Our Business", my passion lies in helping individuals protect their businesses and intellectual property.

It would be my pleasure to speak with you and explore how we can help safeguard your brand.
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Service as described 4.4
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Punctuality 4.8
Brandon B.
It was a delightful experience working alongside Attorney Jeffery Sturman, and without hesitation, we can assert that he is exceptional! Apart from being an amiable person to work with, he also expressed genuine concern for our welfare. From our first interaction, it was distinct that he had profound knowledge in the field of IP. He attentively listened to our apprehensions and presented expert advice that was tailored to our individual needs. He was patient and meticulous in expounding the legal processes to us, and we had immense confidence in his capabilities to handle our case. Although the outcome was not what we had hoped for, Attorney Sturman exerted his utmost effort in ensuring the best possible result for us. He was a breath of fresh air throughout the process, emphasizing candidness and clarity, thereby lessening our stress levels. He was transparent about the obstacles we faced and worked extensively to represent our best interests while rendering excellent guidance and support. In conclusion, Jeffery Sturman is an outstanding attorney who passionately goes above and beyond for his clients. He is determined and devoted to outstanding results. If you seek an IP attorney to ease legal proceedings, then Jeffery is the perfect choice!
March 15, 2023
Anthony T.
Jeff is prompt in addressing my queries. Unlike other attorneys who prioritize monetary gain and demand a lot of your time, Jeff is not like that. He provides you with the best solution tailored for your situation. Should I require a copyright lawyer, I will definitely go back to Jeff! He is an unparalleled professional, so don't hesitate to contact him now!
October 1, 2022
Megan H.
Jeffrey is an exceptional attorney who truly deserves recognition for his outstanding work! If it were up to me, I would without a doubt give him a perfect rating of 10 stars. He is extremely knowledgeable and competent in his field, and is always there to help when you need him. I couldn't be more grateful for his invaluable assistance- he promptly responded to my inquiry and even made time to call me back on the same day. If you need help with trademarks, I highly recommend that you contact Jeffrey right away- trust me, you won't be disappointed!
September 29, 2022
Lauren R.
I highly recommend Jeffrey as an excellent attorney! He was very prompt in his response and we were able to file an office action response within two days. His professionalism and knowledge were impressive, and we are extremely satisfied with his services.
August 6, 2022
James S.
By far, the most truthful and well-informed lawyer I have ever conversed with. I am grateful for Mr. Sturman's willingness to dedicate his time to tackle and guide me through my copyright predicament. Without hesitation, I would suggest him to anyone seeking assistance for intellectual property matters.
November 18, 2021