Kingdom Voice Productions

4.5 (20)
From Santa Clara, CA
SinceSeptember, 2021

With decades of experience in music production, we are a team of working musicians, producers, and music teachers. Our skills include arranging and composing musical pieces, as well as playing all the necessary backing tracks. We assist our clients by ensuring their music is copyrighted, promoted, and manufactured, while also ensuring it is available on top web platforms like iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and others. Additionally, our studio boasts a phone patch for Voice Over work, enabling our clients to collaborate with directors and producers from anywhere in the world. We take pride in creating music of all genres and helping performers and clients achieve their musical goals. Our studio is always producing new, exciting music for our listeners to enjoy.
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Service as described 4.4
Communication 4.5
Punctuality 4.7
I received an immediate and detailed response to my inquiry from Kingdom Voice Productions, a 5-star establishment. They followed up with a phone call to discuss my options, and I was impressed with their professionalism and responsiveness. The studio(s) were clean, airy, and well set up, and the atmosphere was both fun and professional. I appreciated Tim's respect for my material and his ability to draw out my best work. He kept me on track throughout the recording process and offered helpful suggestions when needed. In addition to his musical expertise, Tim had a keen understanding of marketing and was able to offer guidance in that area as well. I am currently working on a second project with Kingdom Voice Productions and am thrilled with the experience so far. The studio is located in a safe neighborhood with easy access and parking available.
February 18, 2023
Our schedule was accommodated greatly by Tim. The technician they sent was very professional, impressing both our local talent and remote producer. I would definitely consider utilizing Kingdom Voice's services again.
April 4, 2022
In order to create audition videos, I had to film and record myself. Thankfully, Tim assisted us with everything including an accompanist, and the sound quality turned out to be exceptional.
March 9, 2022
Three songs were recorded for me by Tim, who made me sound like a professional in spite of my lack of experience. With his advice and brief tutorials, he bolstered my self-assurance. I intend to return to him in the future.
December 21, 2021
Tim's talent and ear are truly exceptional, and it's difficult to articulate just how much he excels in these areas. With remarkable patience, he can listen to a song and guide me through the process of crafting it. Thanks to his encouragement, I've never been more motivated to pursue guitar lessons. As an instructor, he's capable of working with individuals of all ages and is equally adept at coaching both guitar and vocal performances. His expertise extends beyond teaching, as he is highly skilled in recording voice-overs and assisting musicians with their albums and songs. I strongly endorse Tim as an outstanding professional.
November 28, 2021