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4.9 (41)
From Chicago, IL
SinceDecember, 2021

Our business is family-owned and operated, with an owner who is a skilled and passionate traditional artisan. Every project is approached with care and attention to detail, in order to provide superior quality repairs at an affordable price. We specialize in repairing wooden windows of all types, as well as replacing broken, fogged or otherwise damaged glass. Our work is guaranteed to be both efficient and effective, and we always strive to offer the most competitive pricing.
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Service as described 4.9
Communication 4.9
Punctuality 4.9
Their communication is highly responsive and transparent. The charges are affordable. They successfully replaced a part leading to on-time fixing of my windows. Appreciate your services, Vlad!
March 5, 2023
Working with Wood Window Repair was a delightful experience. They were consistently prompt in their responses and maintained communication with me regarding the ordered glass. Overall, I was immensely satisfied.
December 28, 2022
There were two windows in my house with rotted wooden frames on the outside. The repairman who worked on them did an excellent job, seeking my approval at every step. Additionally, he carried out a thorough cleaning after completing the repairs, leaving no debris in the driveway. I was so pleased with his work that I would not hesitate to hire him again.
September 16, 2022
Working with Wood Window Repair was a fantastic experience. Their work was exceptionally meticulous, prices justifiable, and the work quality was exceptional. What I appreciated most was that they maintained constant communication with me throughout the process, always keeping me in the loop about deadlines and upcoming procedures. I would definitely choose to work with them again.
August 1, 2022
I reached out to this team regarding a window repair I require for a property I'm selling. Their response was prompt, and they were able to complete the task just a couple of days after I initially contacted them. Moreover, their pricing was more reasonable than some of the other businesses I had heard from. The work they did exceeded my expectations, and the contractor was extremely personable. If I find myself requiring a similar repair in the future, I would not hesitate to utilize their services again.
March 18, 2022