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For far too long, Property Management has been an opaque and rigid industry with an absence of transparency, adhering to a "one size fits all" mentality. If you desire flexibility, fair pricing, and openness in operations, we are your go-to company.

Our property management services are customizable, whether you require our ongoing RentalWatch™ suite, our TenantMatch™ tenant placement services, or both. All our services are available on a Month-To-Month Agreement, enabling you to cancel anytime if your plans change or you're dissatisfied with our performance.

Through combining real-world experience in property management with automation, we aim to streamline processes and provide our clients with a seamless and efficient experience. Although we're aware that machines can't replace human interaction, we aim to utilize the intersection of the two entities to deliver maximum benefits to our clients.

If our approach resonates with your vision, please contact us to learn more about our services, methodologies, and pricing structures. For a comprehensive list of our services and fees, please see the attached breakdown or visit our website at TenantPlanet.com.

Service Breakdown:

RentalWatch™: Our monthly service, when you have tenants in residence. Two payment choices are available:

RentalWatch Xpress™: $79 per month (flat fee with no hidden costs, markups or percentages)

RentalWatch Premier™ : $119 per month (flat fee with added features)

RentalWatch Xpress™ includes:

-No Longterm Contracts

-Owner Portal and Tenant Portal

-Rent Collection

-Accounting, Bookkeeping and Monthly Financial Reporting

-Annual Tax Packet

-Bill Pay

-24/7 Maintenance Coordination

-Lease Enforcement and Tenant Management

RentalWatch Premier™ includes everything from RentalWatch Xpress™ plus:

-Dedicated Account Representative

-Annual Inspections

TenantMatch™: Our Tenant Placement service is best-in-class, and you pay only when you need it.

Here are two options:

TenantMatch Premier™ : One month's rent with a 2-year guarantee (Selected by 85% of Clients)

TenantMatch Xpress™ : $1195 (Selected by 15% of clients)

TenantMatch Premier™:

"The best tenant placement in the industry, hands-down…

1. Rental Price Analysis

2. Habitational Inspection

3. Property Preparation- Project Management

4. Professional Marketing - Video, Photography, 3D Virtual Tour

5. Listing Syndication to Dozens of Websites

6. 24/7 AI Supported Scheduling

7. In-person, Agent Supervised Showings

8. Applicant Screening - Credit & Background Check, Income Verification

9. Lease Preparation and Execution

10. Payment Receipt and Processing

11. Key Handoff and Pre-Move-In Inspection

12. 2-Year Tenant Placement Guarantee

All this for a one-time fee (when we place a tenant): One Month's Rent

TenantMatch Xpress™:

"A great offering for those who like to be involved to limit costs, but still want the pros to get a tenant in their rental fast…."

Everything in TenantMatch Premier™, with a couple of changes:

1. Rental Price Analysis

2. Habitational Inspection

3. Property Preparation-Owner Operated

4. Industry Standard Marketing

5. Listing Syndication to Dozens of Websites (Same as Above)

6. 24/7 AI Supported Scheduling

7. Self-Guided Showings and Remote Access Lock Box

8. Applicant Screening - Credit & Background Check, Income Verification

9. Lease Preparation and Execution

10. Payment Receipt and Processing

11. Key Handoff and Pre-Move-In Inspection

**Note** TenantMatch Xpress™ does not come with a 2-year guarantee

All this for a one-time fee (when we place a tenant): $1195
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Emily W.
This organization is an absolute pleasure to work with. They are extremely cordial, adept, and have suggested some fantastic ideas to prepare my home for occupancy. To top it off, they managed to procure exemplary tenants. I am thoroughly satisfied with my property manager whom I deem to have exceeded expectations with his unwavering dedication, proactive approach in liaising with service providers, inspecting the property, and dispensing valuable advice. Furthermore, their pricing is reasonable and I have complete faith in their services owing to their remarkable dedication, prompt follow-up and exceptional communication skills.
March 28, 2023
Matthew S.
Megan was truly exceptional! She excels in every aspect of her work and was able to find a tenant for my property in under two weeks. Not only that, but she also genuinely cares about her clients and provides excellent service. Her communication skills are excellent, and she promptly responds to any inquiries. Furthermore, she is reliable, pays attention to detail, and goes above and beyond. There are so many positive qualities about Megan that one can go on and on. I was beyond satisfied with her performance and she surpassed my expectations. If you get a chance to work with Megan, do not hesitate as she is a valuable asset, a true gem of a person.
August 2, 2022
Joshua D.
Attention all rental home owners, please read on for a story with a tragic start but ultimately a happy ending. In 2018, I purchased a house in Boise with the intention of retiring there. However, circumstances led me to become an involuntary landlord, renting out my property for 2/3 of the market price. Four years later, my tenants purchased their own home and moved out during the winter. Since I lived far away, I knew it would not be wise to leave it empty and so I went online to find a property management company to care for my house and tenants. After reading reviews on Yelp, I chose a company that charged 9% of the monthly rent and signed my house away for a year. However, after only two weeks, I realized I'd overpaid for the projects they'd directed and discovered that there were unexpected fees in the contract. Even consulting with a real estate lawyer revealed that I had no case due to the contract I had signed. I prayed for guidance and eventually ended the contract with that company. But the good news is that I did find another company, Tenant Planet Property Management, who charged half of what I'd paid previously, had no conflicts of interest, and didn't force any projects on me. I was cautious about contracts due to my previous experience, but I've been with Tenant Property Management on a monthly contract for almost three months now and can confidently say that I've hired a good company. Their team, especially my agent Ryan Von Knipe, has been approachable, patient, and efficient in transferring everything from my previous management firm. Their accounting department has been flexible in meeting my needs, emailing me monthly statements since portal access doesn't work for me. They also handle other errands like property taxes, home association fees, and insurance. I hope this story helps other rental home owners navigate the challenges of property management and find their own happy endings like I did with Tenant Planet.
April 17, 2022
Stephanie T.
My primary liaison at Tenant Planet is Phil Rooss, who is highly proficient and accommodating. About a month back, I transferred my commercial property housing six occupants to their management. The entire process was carried out efficaciously and effortlessly, with Tenant Planet assuming the owner's responsibilities and minimizing their burden. In my opinion, property managers should strive towards precisely this end. I would enthusiastically endorse both Phil and Tenant Planet to any property owner seeking competent management services.
March 17, 2022
Jennifer K.
Tenant Planet has been providing excellent service so far. They have displayed a high level of professionalism, successfully renting out my property with a quick turnaround. The photos they took of my property were of top-notch quality, giving it a professional look. I anticipate having a long-lasting relationship with Tenant Planet. All thanks to Pedro Hernandez, a true professional who made the entire process seamless and effortless on my end.
October 30, 2021