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Find Sod Installers near me

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AA Ortega Construction

4.4 (509)

Belmont, CA

Recent review:

"The job was completed effectively and efficiently with great communication and a prompt response."

Reviewed by Courtney H.

The Greenskeeper Landscape LLC

4.9 (488)

Henderson, NV

Recent review:

"My lawn was graced by their tireless efforts and the outcome was simply astounding. The job was done with admirable swiftness and upon leaving, the surrounding area was immaculate. I am thoroughly del... read more"

Reviewed by James N.

Littleshepherds Services

4.8 (484)

Houston, TX

Recent review:

"I required pruning of some dead branches from two trees. To my amazement, they finished the job within a day of my estimate request. What's more, they offered me valuable counsel about one tree that w... read more"

Reviewed by Matthew T.

MBA landscaping & lawn service llc

3.9 (464)

Saint George, UT

Recent review:

"I am extremely satisfied with the results they delivered for me, they did a fantastic job! Without hesitation, I would strongly recommend them to others!"

Reviewed by John R.

Stan's Tree, Sod & Fencing Services

4.7 (437)

Irving, TX

Recent review:

"With great responsiveness, he arrived, leveled the ground, applied topsoil and installed sod for my lawn, resulting in an astonishing appearance. The estimate was given on the same day, and he complet... read more"

Reviewed by Nicole M.

One-of-a-Kind Landscaping

4.5 (378)

Winter Haven, FL

Recent review:

"You will definitely have no regrets as the team executed a swift and impeccable task."

Reviewed by John D.

GreenLife Tree & Landscaping LLC

4.3 (377)

Tucson, AZ

Recent review:

"Upon entering my homestead, I was delighted to see that the yard had been impeccably tended to with great care and precision."

Reviewed by Justin C.

City Pro Services Ltd.

5.0 (376)

Bellbrook, OH

Recent review:

"The company arrived promptly and efficiently cleared the leaves from my yard to perfection! I am highly satisfied and intend to engage their services again. I would wholeheartedly endorse them to othe... read more"

Reviewed by Amber R.

Key Concepts Landscape Maintenance

4.7 (367)

Beaverton, OR

Recent review:

"The team's work in my front yard has left me exceedingly content. They conduct themselves with utmost professionalism and take their duties to heart. I strongly endorse them. I wish I could award them... read more"

Reviewed by James T.

Georgia Landscaping and Hardscaping llc

4.2 (345)

Marietta, GA

Recent review:

"We are highly satisfied with their work as they adhered to our agreement, arrived promptly with complete equipment, and departed after tidying up our yard. Our home looks neat and tidy, thanks to thei... read more"

Reviewed by James M.

How much to install sod?

Installing sod can be a great way to give your lawn an instant, lush upgrade. While sod installation is generally not a do-it-yourself project, you may find that the cost of hiring professional sod installers is worth the investment. Depending on the size of the space and the type of sod being used, sod installation typically costs between $.30 and $1 per square foot. It's important to weigh your options before proceeding with sod installation as this cost should be factored into the total cost of having a beautiful lawn for years to come.

How do I install sod?

Installing sod can be an easy and efficient way to give your outdoor living space an instant makeover. Sod should be installed on well-prepared soil that is free from roots, rocks, and other debris. It should also be watered regularly for several weeks so it can properly root. Before you start, determine the amount of sod you need by measuring the width and length of the area in feet then calculating total square footage. Sod rolls come in varying widths and lengths, so to purchase just the right amount necessary for your project you need to figure out how many rolls will cover the desired area. Once all materials are purchased, begin installation by layering sections of sod in a brick pattern and pressing firmly into soil with a hand roller or plate compactor; this will ensure that your finished sod is even and flat. Finally, top dress with compost or fertilizer mix before lightly watering to complete installation process.

What are the benefits of installing sod?

Sod installation brings many benefits to any property. Sod is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance, making it a great addition for homeowners looking for a way to liven up their yard. Sod also provides an instant landscape, acting as a renter's home solution for having an attractive outdoor living space. Sod helps prevent soil erosion and runoff which can damage other properties in the area, even leading to flooding in extreme cases. Sod will also act as a layer of insulation protecting your root system from winter cold, resulting in healthier roots and more resilience from harsh weather conditions. Sod installation is an ideal choice when you are looking to transform your lawn in an effective and efficient manner while enjoying all of the many benefits that it has to offer!

How do I care for my sod after installation?

Caring for your sod correctly after installation is essential for keeping it healthy for the long-term. Sod should be watered thoroughly and regularly, typically about 1 to 2 inches of water per week, to ensure its roots establish in the soil beneath it. The first watering after installation should be done within 12 hours and should make sure the root system is moist. Sod should also be fertilized with an appropriate fertilizer for your type of grass about 4-6 weeks after installation, and weeding should be done on a regular basis as needed. Mowing during summer months can help keep sod looking neat and tidy if done correctly - mower blades should remain slightly higher than the rest of the lawn while using a sharp blade appropriate to the type of grass. Sod must also be watched carefully - dog urine can cause patches of dead or yellowed grass, so it's important to pay extra attention if you are a pet owner.

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