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NIKA131 Productions

5.0 (46)

San Jose, CA


We are a team of highly passionate and energetic professionals in the field of creative content production. Our team comprises videographers, photographers, editors, graphic designers, animators, scri... read more

Recent review:

"NIKA131 productions' team of videographers, led by Vidu, did an exceptional job at our daughter's wedding. Throughout the function, they were not only polite but also dedicated to ensuring its success... read more"

Reviewed by Lauren B.

Tipping Toast Media LLC

4.2 (36)

Orlando, FL


Our digital development firm is located in the sunny city of Orlando, Florida! We specialize in creating animations, graphic art, games, music, 3D models, and other digital products. Don't hesitate to... read more

Recent review:

"My communication with them was fantastic and they comprehended the desired nature of the task. 👍🏽👍🏽"

Reviewed by James F.

Rogue Cinematography

5.0 (14)

Orlando, FL


Hello, my name is Neo and it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I have extensive experience in the fields of video editing, voiceovers, web design, photography, and videography; having spent over... read more

Recent review:

"The photographer we worked with was absolutely fantastic! Her creativity and patience were exceptional, making the overall experience very enjoyable 😊 If you're looking for exceptional photos that ... read more"

Reviewed by Matthew W.

Martin Hidalgo Studios

5.0 (5)

Elizabeth, NJ


As a visual storyteller, I specialize in photography, videography, and editing. I have a deep appreciation for tales of love, victory, and jubilation, as they captivate and inspire us all. It would be... read more

Recent review:

"Martin was an incredible find and working alongside him was a truly enjoyable experience. As a videographer, he is a cut above the rest, his carefully selected equipment being perfectly suited to our ... read more"

Reviewed by Jonathan A.

DeNoise Studios (please read profile)

4.6 (538)

Berkeley, CA


Before inquiring about our availability, please take note of the following: CrackerJack charges vendors a significant fee upon being contacted. We kindly ask that you peruse through our profiles, rev... read more

Recent review:

"Choosing DeNoise Studios as our wedding videographer was a fantastic decision. Their exceptional video quality exceeded our expectations, and their professionalism and responsiveness throughout the en... read more"

Reviewed by Megan R.


5.0 (152)

Mountain View, CA


Our purpose is to seize life's most valuable moments. Allow us to participate in capturing yours.

Recent review:

"The quality of the photos left me thoroughly impressed. I was pleasantly surprised to receive them within just a few days of the shoot, as I hadn't expected them so soon. The price is certainly justif... read more"

Reviewed by Nicholas W.

HunteVision Multimedia

5.0 (13)

Sacramento, CA


For over 11 years, HunteVision Multimedia has been delivering top-notch video and photography services to residential and commercial clients in Sacramento and neighboring counties. We pride ourselves ... read more

Recent review:

"Our wedding shoot was handled by Nick, who is extremely courteous and attentive to our preferences. I highly recommend booking him as soon as possible because he truly is the finest in the business!"

Reviewed by Joseph B.


4.4 (13)

San Francisco, CA


Our names are Will and Ilaria, and our passion lies in bringing projects to life as well as capturing the beauty of weddings through photography. As a husband and wife team, we have over 12 years of e... read more

Recent review:

"Will and Ilaria, we want to express our gratitude for the exquisite pictures you took for our family's newborn shoot. Your creativity and imaginative concepts made for a fantastic experience with you ... read more"

Reviewed by John T.

Live Now Media

5.0 (11)

Sacramento, CA


Live Now Media's productions are all masterpieces, as we specialize in creating unique works of art that stand out from the crowd. Often regarded as the modern day Picasso of production, we pride ours... read more

Recent review:

"Cameron's service was outstanding! He responded to my request for his hire promptly and proved to be very helpful. Within minutes, he contacted me and had a discussion about the project. The job was t... read more"

Reviewed by Robert J.


4.0 (223)

San Jose, CA


The founder of Cinefastrack and owner of a 6000 square foot studio in Crockett, CA, my work has been showcased on major television networks such as ABC and CBS, reaching millions of viewers. With a ba... read more

Recent review:

"Ruben provided exceptional assistance during our photo booth selection process! He was highly responsive and exhibited a remarkable level of professionalism. Thanks to his guidance, we made an effortl... read more"

Reviewed by Amanda G.

What is a book trailer?

A book trailer is a short video that can include sounds, images, animations, or words that help advertise a book. Publishers or authors make them and use them to promote the book by giving viewers a taste of the story and sometimes showcasing the writing style or highlighting aspects of the plot. Book trailers can be exciting and engaging for potential readers and help generate interest in books that might not otherwise get popular.

How much does drone videography cost?

Drone videography is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to capture stunning aerial footage at relatively low cost. Depending on the drone video project, pricing will vary greatly. Factors such as drone type, post-production editing, and additional accessories can play a large role in final drone video costs. Most drone videographers will offer package deals that are tailored to individual needs, so whether the drone video project is for personal use or for business use, drone videography is an easy way to capture high-quality aerial footage within budget.

What is drone videography?

Drone videography is the process of using a drone to capture aerial footage. Drones are becoming more and more popular for capturing video because they offer a unique perspective that you cannot achieve with traditional filming techniques.

What is a live action explainer?

A live-action explainer video is a short video, usually three to five minutes long. People capture it live, in front of the camera, and in a single take. You, as a customer, can see the real people and even see the environment and surroundings around that product. A live-action explainer video is an excellent way to show your audience what a product looks like without any graphics. Live-action explainer videos are a perfect way to capture your audience's attention if they are unaware of the product.

Why are unboxing videos popular?

Unboxing videos are videos of people opening their new products and showing off the items they got. It's a new type of video catching on with the younger generation. Millions of people watch unboxing videos each day, and the number is growing. The best part about these videos is that they engage both the people making the videos and the viewers. That's why these videos are getting popular.

What is unboxing videos?

Unboxing videos are videos where the user is unboxing a new product. Usually, an unboxing video shows a person unwrapping a package, opening the package, and taking out the new product. Most of the time, the person recording the video will mention the product in the video. The point of the video is to show the consumer the product and how it looks and feels.

What does a video editor do?

Video editors are responsible for assembling film, television and other video footage into a cohesive product. They review and edit footage for length, accuracy, transitions and pacing. Video editors must be highly proficient in the technical aspects of video editing software, digital post-production equipment and various broadcast audio/video formats. Video editors also work closely with directors, producers and writers in order to effectively compose shots and enhance the appeal of their work. By combining skill and creativity, video editors can turn raw material into a finalized product that appeals to audiences worldwide.

How to hire a video editor?

The best way to hire a video editor is to find a company that will offer you the right type of service you are looking for. We have listed professional edits on our website that you can choose. You need to go to our page, enter the area code, and hit the "find pros" button.

How much does it cost for a video editor?

Video editing can be both time-intensive and expensive, depending on the level of complexity involved. Generally speaking, the cost of hiring a professional video editor will depend on the length of the project and its specifications. Video editors typically charge an hourly fee, ranging anywhere from $20 to $100 or more per hour, with more experienced professionals often demanding higher rates. As well, some video editors may also offer package deals that may be priced according to the size and scope of the project. Understanding the specifics of each job is key when looking to hire a video editor – getting an accurate quote beforehand can make all the difference between staying within financial constraints for a new video production.

What is a video producer?

A video producer is a creative professional who oversees the production of video content for a company or organization. They often contribute in pre-production, during production, and post-production stages, providing oversight to ensure video projects meet their quality standards and budget. Video producers ensure video shoots run smoothly while managing video editing and making sure videos are distributed across channels effectively. They create video stories that communicate content accurately, creatively, and effectively with powerful visuals. As video becomes more pervasive in media and marketing, video producers become increasingly vital on teams requiring high-quality video content.

What does a video producer do?

The video producer is the primary creative force in any video production team. The producer's task is to translate a client's vision for a video into a reality by assigning tasks to different crew members, keeping the production on schedule and budget, and working closely with the assistant director to keep the shoot running smoothly.

How much does it cost to produce a video?

The cost of producing a video depends heavily on the type of video being created and its size. The most important factor is typically the video producer - such professionals should be experienced in video production, with specialized skills such as video editing, scripting, shooting, and audio post-production. To hire a video producer can range greatly in cost depending on the complexity of the video and production needs - while specialized video producers are often more expensive, they can offer expertise that result in a high-quality video at competitive prices. It's important to remember that other costs are associated with video production such as equipment rentals, production permits and outsourcing fees. Overall, it's best to invest in quality video production services as they can help create an engaging video that resonates with viewers and generates results for your business.

How much to animate 2D explainer video 1 minute?

The cost to animate a 2D explainer video is typically around $1,500 - $5,000 for a 60-second video. This price includes charges for both animation and the voiceover.
The cost will vary depending on the complexity of the animation and the length of the voiceover. For example, if you need an animated character specifically for your video, that will add to the cost. Likewise, if you require a more extended voiceover than 60 seconds, that will affect the final price.

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