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Find Mulching Services near me

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Two Clever Fellas, LLC

5.0 (732)

Chester, PA

Recent review:

"The service rendered was highly professional and of great assistance."

Reviewed by Stephanie L.

Kev's Lawn and Landscaping

4.2 (477)

Grandview, MO

Recent review:

"His clean-up was thorough. We will definitely be contacting him again."

Reviewed by Nicole C.

Quality Maintenance

4.8 (431)

Attleboro, MA

Recent review:

"His work is of exceptional quality and we intend to rehire him. For all your landscaping requirements, Quality Maintenance is without a doubt the top choice."

Reviewed by Danielle M.

One-of-a-Kind Landscaping

4.5 (378)

Winter Haven, FL

Recent review:

"You will definitely have no regrets as the team executed a swift and impeccable task."

Reviewed by John D.

City Pro Services Ltd.

5.0 (376)

Bellbrook, OH

Recent review:

"The company arrived promptly and efficiently cleared the leaves from my yard to perfection! I am highly satisfied and intend to engage their services again. I would wholeheartedly endorse them to othe... read more"

Reviewed by Amber R.

SEUD Junk Removal, Moving & Hauling

5.0 (359)

Hialeah, FL

Recent review:

"Thank you very much for your work. If I need to work again in the future, you will certainly be my top choice."

Reviewed by Megan L.

Georgia Landscaping and Hardscaping llc

4.2 (345)

Marietta, GA

Recent review:

"We are highly satisfied with their work as they adhered to our agreement, arrived promptly with complete equipment, and departed after tidying up our yard. Our home looks neat and tidy, thanks to thei... read more"

Reviewed by James M.

Fidel Hernandez landscaping LLC

4.6 (320)

Irving, TX

Recent review:

"The appearance of my yard is entirely transformed. The cleaners went the extra mile by doing additional landscape cleaning. I will undoubtedly approach them again for any further landscaping needs."

Reviewed by Courtney H.

Oliver’s Landscaping Corporation

4.9 (309)

Fitchburg, MA

Recent review:

"Our crew is hardworking and takes pride in delivering quality work that exceeds expectations. They consistently go the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction."

Reviewed by Elizabeth H.

A+Gardening Services

4.7 (287)

Sacramento, CA

Recent review:

""Amazing pricing and incredibly fast service has transformed my lawn into an awesome sight. Thank you for your excellent work, I will surely recommend your services.""

Reviewed by Courtney H.

What do lawn care companies do?

Lawn care companies provide maintenance for your lawn and landscape. They offer a wide range of services such as mowing, pruning, trimming, edging, aerating, spraying, and more. As your lawn care company improves, you can count on better results.

How much do lawn care companies charge?

Lawn care companies charge $25 to $100 per visit, depending on the frequency and how much work is involved. Commercial lawn mowing rates vary from $25 to $125 per visit—the average residential landscaping service charges between $30 and $75 per hour. Anything over $1,000 is considered commercial.

What is mulching?

Mulching is a service that involves the placement of layers of organic material on top of soil or around trees, shrubs, and plants. Mulching can be used to protect and insulate plant roots from extreme weather conditions, such as intense heat or cold. In addition, mulching services help to ensure that the soil retains moisture, reduce weed growth and provide additional nutrients to plants. Mulch also adds to the aesthetic value of lawns and gardens by creating a nice-looking protective layer over an area. Mulching services are available from many local landscaping companies or through online resources that offer custom mulch selections.

Why do I need to mulch my garden?

Mulching your garden can provide a multitude of benefits. Mulching not only helps to suppress weeds, it also reduces evaporation and soil temperatures, prevents water run-off, provides fertility to the soil, and improves the aesthetic appeal of the garden. Mulching can be done at home but it is often best left to experts; hiring a mulching service will ensure that you get the best long-term benefits from your investment. Mulch in your garden prevents soil erosion, improving current conditions and protecting against future weather events or pest problems. Mulch can also decrease labor as weeds become easier to pull with a softer layer at the base of plants. Mulching should be viewed as an essential part of any landscape maintenance plan!

How much mulch do I need?

Mulching is an important part of a healthy yard, and knowing how much mulch you need is key to great results. Mulching helps conserve water, reduce weeds, and protect the soil around your plants. To determine how much mulch you need for your yard, consider factors like the size of your yard and the recommended area to cover with each bag of mulch. You can also contact a professional mulching service for assistance if needed. Mulching services can help measure your area and calculate the exact amount of mulch necessary to get the best results.

What are the different types of mulch?

There are numerous types of mulch available, ranging from organic materials such as wood chips, tree bark, leaves, and grass clippings, to synthetic options like rubber or plastic. Organic mulches help fertilize the soil in gardens by providing essential minerals and improving moisture retention. On the other hand, both synthetic and rubberized versions are designed to form a protective barrier around plants and their roots, eliminating weed growth and guarding against temperature fluctuations. Mulching techniques vary depending on the material used; however, every type of mulch provides important benefits to your garden's health.

How often should I mulch my garden?

Mulch should be applied at least once a year in the spring or fall, ideally before the growing season. The amount of mulch you need depends on the size of your garden, but typically 1 to 3 inches is sufficient for most types of gardens. When selecting a mulch, pick one that is organic and blends easily into the environment; straw is popular among gardeners because it breaks down quickly and enriches the soil with nutrients. Additionally, keep in mind that too much mulch can be problematic as it will block air and light from reaching the roots; it’s best to use only enough Mulch to sufficiently cover any bare patches but not more.

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