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How Much Do House Cleaning Services Cost?

on 08/21/2023 | Reading time: 13 minutes
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House cleaning services have become indispensable for many, offering convenience, time-saving benefits, and professional-quality cleaning. The cost for such services can vary based on multiple factors. Here, we provide an in-depth look into what influences these costs and what you might expect to pay.

Types of House Cleaning Services

  • One-time cleaning: Ideal for post-party clean-up or getting ready for special occasions. Typically costs between $100-$300 depending on the size and condition of the home.
  • Recurring cleaning:
    • Weekly: $50-$200 per visit
    • Bi-weekly: $70-$250 per visit
    • Monthly: $100-$300 per visit
Cost is often lower per visit when booked regularly.
  • Deep cleaning: A comprehensive clean that covers areas often overlooked. Prices range from $200-$400 depending on the size of the home.
  • Move-in/move-out cleaning: Ensures a property is spotless before moving in or after moving out. Costs usually range between $200-$500.
  • Specialty cleaning:
    • Windows: $5-$10 per pane
    • Carpets: $25-$75 per room

Factors Influencing Cost

  • Size of the property: A 3-bedroom house may cost $150-$250 to clean, while a one-bedroom apartment might be $80-$150.
  • Location: Urban areas, with higher living costs, may charge 20-50% more than rural areas.
  • Level of dirtiness: An excessively dirty home could incur additional fees, typically 20-40% more.
  • Frequency of cleaning: Booking a cleaner on a weekly basis can reduce the cost by 10-20% per visit.
  • Equipment and supplies: If you provide the products, it could save you $5-$10 per visit.
  • Type of cleaning products: Eco-friendly products might increase the cost by $10-$20 due to their higher retail prices.

Additional Costs

  • Special treatments: Stain removal might add $20-$50 to your bill; pet odor treatments can be $25-$75.
  • Outside cleaning: Patios and decks can add $50-$200 based on size and condition.
  • Appliance cleaning: Oven or refrigerator cleaning can be an extra $25-$50 per appliance.
  • Window cleaning: Interior and exterior window cleaning can range from $50-$200 for an entire home.

Calculator Section: House Cleaning Cost Estimation

Basic Formula: Total Cost = Base Rate + Additional Services + Special Factors

1. Determine the Base Rate

  • One-time cleaning: $150 (average for standard size and condition)
  • Recurring cleaning (depends on frequency):
    • Weekly: $125
    • Bi-weekly: $160
    • Monthly: $200
  • Deep cleaning: $300
  • Move-in/move-out cleaning: $350

2. Calculate Additional Services (if any):

  • Specialty cleaning:
    • Windows: $7.50 per pane
    • Carpets: $50 per room
  • Special treatments:
    • Stain removal: $35
    • Pet odor treatments: $50
  • Outside cleaning:
    • Patios: $75
    • Decks: $100
  • Appliance cleaning: $35 per appliance
  • Window cleaning (entire home): $125

3. Account for Special Factors:

  • Size of the property: Add or subtract 10% of the Base Rate for each bedroom more or less than a standard 3-bedroom house. (e.g., A 5-bedroom house for one-time cleaning would be $150 + (2 x $15) = $180)
  • Location: Urban (+20% of Total Cost) or Rural (-10% of Total Cost)
  • Level of dirtiness: Very dirty (+30% of Total Cost)
  • Frequency of cleaning: Weekly bookings (-10% of Total Cost)
  • Type of cleaning products: Eco-friendly (+10% of Total Cost)

Using the Calculator

  1. Start with the Base Rate based on the type of cleaning you need.
  2. Add the cost for any Additional Services you require.
  3. Adjust for Special Factors that apply to your situation.


If you're looking for a one-time deep cleaning for a very dirty, 4-bedroom urban home and you also want your carpets cleaned in 3 rooms:

  1. Base Rate (Deep Cleaning) = $300
  2. Additional Services (3 Carpeted Rooms) = 3 x $50 = $150
  3. Special Factors:
    • Size: 4-bedroom, so +10% of $300 = +$30
    • Urban location: +20% of ($300 + $150 + $30) = +$96
    • Very dirty: +30% of ($300 + $150 + $30 + $96) = +$144.6

Total Cost = $300 + $150 + $30 + $96 + $144.6 = $720.6

Thus, the total estimated cost is $720.6.

This calculator provides an estimate, and it's always best to get detailed quotes from professionals. However, using this formula can give you a ballpark figure to start your budgeting process.

Cost-saving Tips

  1. Quotes: Always ask for detailed quotes from multiple providers to ensure you're getting a good deal.
  2. DIY supplies: Buying your own cleaning supplies can save you some money in the long run.
  3. Regular cleanings: Scheduling regular cleanings often secures a reduced rate.
  4. Off-peak hours: Some companies might offer discounts if you book during their less busy hours.
  5. Referrals and discounts: Check if the company has a referral program or any ongoing promotions.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaning Services

While there's a cost involved, professional cleaning services offer:

  • Time savings: No need to spend your weekends scrubbing and dusting.
  • Quality: Professionals know the tricks of the trade to get your home sparkling.
  • The right tools: Professionals come equipped with tools and products that might not be readily available to the average homeowner.
  • Home maintenance: Regular cleaning can help maintain home fixtures and fittings, potentially saving money in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about House Cleaning Costs

1. How often should I opt for deep cleaning?

Answer: Deep cleaning is recommended every 3-6 months. However, households with pets, children, or residents with allergies might benefit from scheduling them more frequently.

2. Do cleaning services typically provide their own cleaning supplies?

Answer: Most professional cleaning services provide their own supplies and equipment. However, if you have specific products you'd like them to use, such as eco-friendly cleaners, many services will accommodate if provided.

3. Are there any hidden fees I should be aware of when hiring a cleaning service?

Answer: While reputable companies provide transparent pricing, some might charge additional fees for parking, travel, or especially challenging cleaning tasks. It's always best to ask for a detailed quote upfront and clarify any potential extra charges.

4. Is tipping the cleaners customary?

Answer: While tipping isn't mandatory, it's a considerate gesture, especially if you're satisfied with the service. A common tip ranges from 10-20% of the total bill or $10-$20 per cleaner.

5. Can I reduce costs by providing my own cleaning equipment and products?

Answer: Some cleaning services might offer a discount if you supply the cleaning products or equipment. However, this is not always the case, and the difference might be minimal. It's a good idea to discuss this with the cleaning company in advance.

6. Will the cost be higher for the first-time cleaning compared to subsequent cleanings?

Answer: Yes, often the first cleaning session is more intensive and thorough, making it slightly more expensive than follow-up sessions. Once the home reaches a certain level of cleanliness, maintenance cleanings typically cost less.

7. How do I know if a cleaning company is charging a fair price?

Answer: It's always a good practice to obtain quotes from multiple cleaning services to get a sense of the average cost in your area. Make sure to consider factors like reputation, included services, and any guarantees or insurance they might offer.

8. Do cleaning companies charge more for pets in the house?

Answer: Some might charge extra for homes with pets due to potential additional cleaning requirements, such as fur removal or addressing pet odors. It's crucial to discuss this upfront to avoid unexpected charges.

9. Is there any advantage to signing a long-term contract with a cleaning service?

Answer: Signing a long-term contract can sometimes secure a lower rate per cleaning session, as companies might offer discounts for consistent business. However, ensure the terms are flexible in case your needs or circumstances change.

10. How does the cleaning cost vary between a house and an apartment?

Answer: Generally, cleaning a house tends to be more expensive due to its larger size compared to an apartment. However, other factors like location, accessibility, and the condition of the living space play a role in determining the price.

This FAQ provides general insights into house cleaning costs and practices. Always consult directly with service providers to get accurate and specific information tailored to your situation.

Questions to Ask When Evaluating House Cleaning Companies

When considering which house cleaning company to hire, asking the right questions can ensure you choose a reputable, thorough, and reliable service. Here's a list of questions to guide your evaluation:

1. Experience and Credibility

  • How long have you been in the house cleaning business?
  • Can you provide references from past or current clients?
  • Are there any online reviews or testimonials I can check?

2. Insurance and Employee Screening

  • Are you insured and bonded to protect against damages or theft?
  • Do you perform background checks on your employees or contractors?
  • What training do your cleaners receive before they start?

3. Services and Customization

  • What is included in your standard cleaning package?
  • Are there additional services you offer, like deep cleaning, window washing, or carpet cleaning?
  • Can I customize the services based on my home's specific needs?

4. Supplies and Equipment

  • Do you provide your own cleaning supplies and equipment?
  • Are your cleaning products eco-friendly or safe for pets and children?
  • Can you use products that I provide if I have specific preferences?

5. Scheduling and Flexibility

  • How often do you recommend cleaning for a house of my size and type?
  • Is there a discount for setting up a recurring cleaning schedule?
  • How much notice do I need to give if I need to reschedule or cancel a cleaning?

6. Pricing and Contracts

  • Can you provide a detailed estimate or quote for my home?
  • Are there any hidden fees I should be aware of, such as travel or supply charges?
  • Do you require clients to sign a long-term contract? If so, what are the terms and cancellation policies?

7. Quality Assurance

  • What steps do you take to ensure consistent and high-quality cleaning?
  • Do you have a satisfaction guarantee? What is the process if I'm not satisfied with the cleaning?
  • How do you handle feedback or complaints from clients?

8. Health and Safety

  • What protocols do you follow to ensure the safety of your cleaners and my household, especially in light of health concerns like the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • How do you handle cleaning homes with individuals who have allergies or sensitivities to certain products?

9. Environmental Concerns

  • Do you have any green or eco-friendly cleaning practices?
  • How do you handle waste and disposables after cleaning?

10. Communication and Accessibility

  • What is the best way to reach you if I have questions or concerns?
  • Is there a specific person or team assigned to my home, so I know who to expect each time?
  • How do you handle keys or access to my home, especially if I'm not present during the cleaning?

Thoroughly vetting house cleaning companies using these questions can help you find a service that aligns with your values, expectations, and budget, ensuring a trustworthy and lasting relationship.


Understanding the intricacies of house cleaning service costs ensures that you get good value for your money. While prices vary, the peace of mind and quality offered by professionals often justify the cost.

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