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How Much Does Carpet Installation Cost?

on 08/24/2023 | Reading time: 10 minutes

carpet installation

Carpet installation is a typical home improvement project, but it can come with varying costs depending on several factors. This guide will walk you through all the major expenses to help you budget appropriately.

Types of Carpeting

  • Broadloom (rolled carpet): Typically used in large areas; sold in wide rolls.
  • Carpet tiles: Modular and ideal for specific designs; sold as individual tiles.   
Carpet Type Cost per sq ft
Broadloom $2 - $15+
Carpet Tiles $4 - $20+

Size of the Area You Want to Carpet 

The cost usually comes as a quote per square foot or square meter. Measure the area accurately to estimate costs.

Material of the Carpet 

Different materials come with different costs:

Material Cost per sq ft
Nylon $2 - $7
Polyester $1 - $5
Olefin $1.50 - $5
Wool $5 - $20+

Carpet Padding 

A vital component to provide cushion and insulation:

Padding Type Cost per sq ft
Rebond $0.50 - $3
Foam $0.50 - $4
Rubber $1 - $6

Labor Costs 

Labor expenses can fluctuate based on where you live and the complexity of the installation process.

Labor Type Cost per sq ft
Basic Installation $0.50 - $2
Removal of Old Carpet $0.25 - $1
Moving Furniture $10 - $50 per room

Special Designs or Patterns 

Complex patterns may involve additional costs. Expect to pay an extra 10%-20% for custom designs.

Additional Costs 

Certain situations bring added expenses:

Additional Service Cost
Staircase Installation $3 - $15 per stair
Transitions and Thresholds $2 - $10 per linear foot
Old Carpet Removal & Disposal $0.50 - $3 per sq ft

Discounts & Sales 

Always keep an eye out for discounts, particularly during home improvement seasons. You could save up to 20% or more.

DIY vs. Hiring Professionals 

While DIY could save labor costs, professional installation often comes with warranties and ensures proper installation. Ensure you have the necessary tools and knowledge if you choose DIY.

Maintenance and Long-term Costs 

Regular maintenance like vacuuming, occasional deep cleaning, and prompt stain removal can extend the life of your carpet, ultimately reducing long-term costs. High-quality installation can also reduce wear and tear, saving money in the long run.

How to Calculate Carpet Installation Cost

1. Measure the Area

First, measure the area you plan to carpet.

For a rectangular room:

Area = Length × Width

For irregularly shaped rooms, divide the space into smaller rectangles, calculate the areas, and sum them up.

2. Cost of the Carpet

Determine the cost of the carpet itself based on your chosen material.

Carpet Cost = Area × Price per sq ft (of chosen material)

3. Cost of the Padding

Calculate the cost for the padding.

Padding Cost = Area × Price per sq ft (of chosen padding)

4. Labor Cost

It includes installation, possibly the removal of old carpet, and any other specific labor charges.

Labor Cost = Area x Labor Price per sq ft

Remember to add any additional fixed labor costs to this total, like moving furniture.

5. Additional Costs

These could be charges for installations on stairs, transitions, thresholds, etc. For example, for staircase installations:

Staircase Installation Cost = Number of Stairs × Price per Stair

6. Total Carpet Installation Cost

Sum up the costs from the above steps to find the total cost.

Total Cost = Carpet Cost + Padding Cost + Labor Cost + Additional Costs

Using these formulas, you can get a rough estimate of your carpet installation costs, allowing you to budget accordingly.

Carpet Installation Cost: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How often should I replace my carpet?

Answer: Typically, carpets last 5 to 15 years, depending on the quality, foot traffic, maintenance, and material. High-traffic areas might need replacement sooner, while well-maintained carpets in low-traffic areas can last longer.

2. Is carpet padding necessary?

Answer: Yes, carpet padding provides cushioning, insulates against cold and noise, and can extend the life of your carpet. It's an essential part of most carpet installations.

3. Can I save money by removing the old carpet myself?

Answer: Absolutely. By taking on the task of removing and disposing of your old carpet, you can reduce labor costs. However, ensure you have the tools and knowledge to do it properly.

4. How do I know how much carpet to buy?

Answer: Measure the area of your room and add an extra 10% for waste, errors, or future repairs. It's better to be different than to run short.

5. How can I ensure my carpet lasts longer?

Answer: Regular vacuuming, prompt stain removal, avoiding shoes on the carpet, and professional cleaning every 12-18 months can significantly extend your carpet's lifespan.

6. Why do carpet installation costs vary so much by region?

Answer: Labor costs, transportation, and local market demand can all impact the carpet installation cost. Getting multiple quotes in your area is always a good idea.

7. Are there other hidden costs I should be aware of?

Answer: There could be. Always ask for a detailed quote. Some installers might add charges to move furniture, repair subfloors, or trim doors, and they might not include these costs in the initial estimate.

8. Is it cheaper to carpet or hardwood my floors?

Answer: Carpet tends to be less expensive initially compared to hardwood. However, hardwood floors can last longer and may add more value to your home in the long run. Consider both the immediate cost and long-term value when making your decision.

9. Can I install the carpet over the old carpet?

Answer: While it's technically possible, it's generally not recommended. Installing over the old carpet can lead to uneven surfaces, quicker wear and tear, and issues with moisture and mold.

10. Does the thickness of the carpet padding make a difference?

Answer: Yes, thicker padding can be more comfortable but might not be suitable for all areas or types of carpet. Matching the padding thickness and density to the carpet type is essential for the best results.

Remember, while these FAQs cover common concerns, consulting with professionals and conducting personal research tailored to your situation is essential.

Questions to Ask When Evaluating Carpet Installation Companies

1. Experience and Credentials

  • How long have you been in the carpet installation business?
  • Do you have any certifications or affiliations with industry organizations?
  • Can you share feedback or recommendations from past clients?

2. Materials and Offerings

  • What carpet materials do you offer, and which brands do you carry?
  • Do you provide carpet padding? If so, what kinds?
  • Can you supply eco-friendly or hypoallergenic carpet options?

3. Installation Process

  • How do you handle rooms with unique shapes or features?
  • What is the expected timeline for the installation?
  • How will you address transitions to other flooring types or rooms?

4. Pricing and Cost

  • Can I get a detailed written estimate for the job?
  • Are there any potential hidden costs I should know, like disposal fees or additional labor charges?
  • Do you offer any promotions, discounts, or financing options?

5. Labor and Team

  • Are your installers employees of your company, or do you subcontract the work?
  • Do your installers have any specific training or certifications?
  • How do you handle accidental damages or mistakes during installation?

6. Warranty and Aftercare

  • Do you offer a warranty on your installation services?
  • Is there a manufacturer's warranty on the carpet and padding materials?
  • How should I handle any concerns or issues that arise after installation?

7. Preparation and Post-Installation

  • What should I do to prepare the room(s) for installation?
  • Will you move furniture, and is there an extra charge for it?
  • How do you handle the disposal of old carpets and debris?

8. Portfolio and Samples

  • Do you have a portfolio or photos of past installations that I can see?
  • Can I borrow or purchase samples to see how they look in my home's lighting?

9. Scheduling and Availability

  • How far in advance do I need to schedule my installation?
  • Can you work around my availability or specific dates I have in mind?

10. Additional Services

  • Do you offer other flooring services, such as hardwood or tile installation?
  • Can you provide recommendations on carpet care and maintenance?
Posing these queries can give you a deeper understanding of the company's work ethic, dependability, and standard of work. Ensuring that your chosen company aligns well with your requirements and expectations is crucial.


Carpet installation costs vary widely based on the material, design, and labor. Always budget accurately, get multiple quotes, and consider immediate and long-term costs.

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