About Us

World-Class Talent. Limitless Potential.

Welcome to the service marketplace that is changing the face of business in the United States.

Crackerjack is the online service marketplace platform dedicated to removing the barriers between top-notch talent and hardworking visionaries.  Since 2021, Crackerjack has remained steadfast in our mission to help local individuals and innovators locate, leverage, and hire the talent of skilled freelancers and local businesses right in their own backyard.  A freelance marketplace unlike any other, Crackerjack exclusively serves the United States by connecting anyone to talented professionals across a wide variety of specialties and skillsets. 

At Crackerjack, we believe in the power of doing.  We believe in the power of the hustle.  We believe in rebuilding our economy and elevating employment by supporting local businesses and local freelancers throughout the country. By providing local businesses and freelancers with a reputable, secure, and professional platform to share their talents, Crackerjack is supporting the work of millions of hardworking Americans who are committed to their craft.  With over 57 million freelancers in America alone, anyone can hire top-tier talent quickly, affordably, and securely – all while doing their part to stimulate the economy and providing good work to skilled independent workers.

We pride ourselves on embracing a hyper-local, boutique-style approach to freelancing – helping to connect local businesses and freelancers with the whoever needs them. We believe that by working together, supporting each other, and leveraging modern technology, Crackerjack can help decrease unemployment, support freelancers and their families, and pave the way towards a thriving economy for generations to come.